Beautiful romanian whores

Where can we find beautiful romanian whores? All over in the world. Why are whores (prostitutes) from Romania all over in the world? In this world there are many kinds of people, the nations. There are very clear and simple explanations. The Romanian people is composed in general from underdeveloped animals and from whores. Pimping is a national sport in Romania. Beautiful girls from Romania is incorrect to say, correctly is beautiful romanian whores. On December 2, 2014, in Dailymail online version, has appeared an article concerning at prostitution and pimping, protagonists, romanian peoples. It could not be otherwise. For those who do not know, Romania is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, organized crime groups who recruits girls for prostitution are headed even police. Every pimp from Romania has a corrupt cop which helps him to get rid of problems with the law. In vain you have beautiful whores for prostitution if you don't have a corrupt cop, judge or lawyer.

It is interesting the fact that there are two different versions, in the media, Romanian version and The English version. A truth that nobody knows or is less known in the west, is the fact that the romanian media is totally controlled by the security services through agents infiltrated in leadership positions. Romania is the first exporter of prostitution in Europe. Why? Because are sacrificed just "pawns" from organized crime groups that recruits girls for prostitution or are chosen few cases of pimping which are super publicized in order to create the impression that romanian police combat the prostitution and pimping. Beautiful romanian whores means merchandise which must be commercialized. Romanian girls are beautiful but are educated by parents in the sense "need to have sex with many men at the same time for multiple benefits". Romania did not entered in Europe, Romania has invaded the Europe with whores and pimps.
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